The Year in Sand: 2005

Table of Contents

January 1: 05F-1

February 5: 05P-1

February 6 sculpture attempt rained out en route (test new cart axle)

March 5: 05P-2 (no camera)

March 12: 05P-3

March 19 sculpture intention cancelled by rain

March 26: 05P-4

March 27: 05P-5, arch with Easter Mosaic people, no photos (Sandra blog)

April 2: 05F-2

April 16: 05F-3

April 30: 05F-4

May 6: 05P-6 "Ae'gura"

May 14: 05F-5

May 28: 05F-6

June 11 sculpture intention cancelled by fatigue

June 17: 05F-7 "A Better Balance" (includes report)

June 24: 05F-8 "My Place in the Choir" (report included)

July 6: 05F-9 "Missing Spirit" (report follows images)

September 10: 05F-10 "The Story Grows in the Telling" (includes report after the images)

September 24: 05F-11 (includes report after the images)

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